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BrickPi NXT adventures

Over 10 years ago I bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit and played with it a bit. Then life got in the way: I got married, had kids, relocated countries, moved houses, you know, stuff. The kit moved with me, forgotten and collecting dust. But then my older son got old enough to show interest in both Lego Technic and Python, and I figured it's time to dig up the NXT kit from the attic and see if it works.

Unfortunately, the LCD ribbon was bust and I couldn't fix it, but everything else seemed to be working, so I got the really nice Dexter Industries BrickPi kit, you know, for the kid. He really liked it, and could follow along a fairly imperative flow ("hear sound, activate mottor until button pressed"), but there's a limit to what you can do that way. So the next week his dad pulled a late night "to refactor a little bit". And... well, here we are. I guess I am the real kid here.


Sound seeking robot

Status: in progress

The idea here is to create an autonomous robot that can find a sound source in a room. So, for example, if you put the robot in a room with a phone playing a fixed 1.7Khz tone, the robot should move closer to the phone. I've equipped it with two sound sensors, a compass, and a distance sensor (not yet in use). The idea is to use the volume difference between the two sound sensors to figure out the right angle on the compass to steer towards.

Picture of this robot

A few more photos here here. The resulting data samples look like this. I'll keep y'all posted how it pans out.

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