One-page boilerplate for publishing Markdown content on GitHub.
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Skim is a one-page boilerplate for publishing content on GitHub. It's designed specifically for hosting on GitHub using GitHub Pages and serving up locally using Jekyll. Take a peek at the demo below and see how simple it is to roll your own site without having to use fancy code.

Skim on GitHub

Quick Install

  1. Clone from GitHub and go into the directory (~3 seconds). Directory size hovers around ~35 KB.

     $ git clone -o master
     $ cd skim
  2. Install Bundler (~5 seconds).

     $ gem install bundler
  3. Install runtime dependencies (~15 seconds).

     $ bundle install

Roll Your Own

  1. Make a fresh clone and go into the directory.

     $ git clone
     $ cd milk
  2. Create a new gh-pages branch.

     $ git checkout --orphan gh-pages
  3. Copy the contents from /skim to /milk.

     $ cp -r ~/skim/* ~/milk
  4. Push your site to GitHub.

     $ git add .
     $ git commit -a -m "first commit"
     $ git push origin gh-pages


Anyone is welcome to submit an issue or request. All we ask is that you glance through our contributing guidelines first.


Code and documentation is licensed under the MIT license.