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Timezones CLI

CLI toolkit for timezones⚡

What can you do with timezones-cli? ✨

  • Search for date and time based on city, country, or timezones.
  • Manage dashboard for timezones you frequently view.
  • Get UTC date and time based on your local timezone or any timezones.



  $ pip3 install timezones-cli

To run this CLI using Docker, check Run using Docker 🐳.

NOTE: List of country codes or timezone names 🌏

Use -t flag to toggle 24 hours format.


Search for timezones

Get time based on the entered timezone or country code

  • using country code (either 2 or 3 letters):

      $ tz search US
      $ tz search USA
  • using timezone:

      $ tz search Asia/Kathmandu
  • using fuzzy text: (example: Ireland)

      $ tz search Irela
  • using timezone shortcodes (--zone or -z flag):

      $ tz search pst -z
      $ tz search ist -z
      $ tz search jst -z
      $ tz search cest -z
      $ tz search +0543 -z
      $ tz search +05 -z
Demo demo of timezone cli search

Add/save timezones

Timezones added to the config file are treated as the default timezones which is triggered by the tz show command.

file is stored at ~/.tz-cli

$ tz add "Asia/Kathmandu"
Demo demo of timezone cli add

Remove timezones

There are two ways for removing timezones from the config file. Using the --interactive mode and passing the the --name flag.

$ tz remove -i

$ tz remove --name "Asia/Kathmandu"
Demo demo of timezone cli remove

Show saved timezones

$ tz show
Demo demo of timezone cli show

Select individual timezones from saved

$ tz select
Demo demo of timezone cli select

Get UTC time

Get UTC time based on current system time.

tz utc --help

$ tz utc

Get UTC time based on specified time and timezone.

$ tz utc <time> <timezone>

$ tz utc "11:45PM" "Asia/Kathmandu"
Demo demo of timezone cli select

Run using Docker 🐳

docker pull

Verify signature of the image: requires cosign.

COSIGN_EXPERIMENTAL=true cosign verify

Create a config file manually first.

$ touch ~/.tz-cli

$ docker run --rm -it -v ${HOME}/.tz-cli:/home/tz/.tz-cli search us

For convenience you can add alias of the command to your shell config:

$ echo "alias tz='docker run --rm -it -v ${HOME}/.tz-cli:/home/tz/.tz-cli'" >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

$ echo "alias tz='docker run --rm -it -v ${HOME}/.tz-cli:/home/tz/.tz-cli'" >> ~/.zshrc
$ source ~/.zshrc

# Use alias to invoke timezones-cli
$ tz search Nepal

For local debugging: Use the make run command followed by the command you want to run against the tz binary.

$ make run cmd="get ist"
Demo demo of timezone cli with Docker


For guidance on setting up a development environment and how to make a contribution to timezones-cli, see the contributing guidelines.