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Track your favorite TV shows and see what's airing this week
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As a TV viewer, I want to gather information about TV programs, so that I can better plan my free time and watch shows that are compelling and well-reviewed.

Track TV is s a one-stop hub for all your favorite TV shows or any new shows you are interested in starting. The site lets you explore details for any TV program by compiling information from across the web, making searching for program details easier and giving a substantial resource for any unique production. Using TV tracker to keep a log of your current shows means spending less time hunting down details and more time enjoying your curated watchlist.

Track TV uses multiple APIs to streamline show details: TVMaze: Show title, poster and summary OMDB: IMDB Rating FanArt: Popular artwork and posters used as search result backgrounds YouTube: Most popular video result for search term

Users start by entering their show into the search function at the top of the screen.


Search results show the most common results for the search term, with series details including the IMDB rating.

There is a short summary for the TV show, information on if the show is currently airing and where to watch it, the series IMDB rating, and a piece of the show's artwork to populate the backround of each result.

IMDB Ratings are colorized based on the review score: Red scores are for ratings less than 4 Yellow scores are for ratings between 4 and 7 Green scores are for ratings over 7

The YouTube section on the right column shows the most popular search result for the search term. The result automatically includes the term "TV Trailer" to make sure the result is as relevant to the search term as possible.


By using the star icon, a specific show is added to the "My Tracked Shows" list. Clicking on a tracked title will bring up the information for that specific show. To remove a show, click on the star icon.


When shows currently on the air with upcoming episodes are added to the tracked list, they are sldo added to a schedule on the landing page. Tracked shows will appear in the order they are airring:


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