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NodeChat is a simple, scalable web-based chat server built on Node.js.


Creating a chat server is super simple.

// create a server at http://localhost:8001
var chat = require("lib/server");
var chatServer = chat.createServer();

Once you've created a server, you can add channels.

// create a channel at http://localhost:8001/chat
var channel = chatServer.addChannel({ basePath: "/chat" });

Channels have three options:

  • basePath (required) - the URL to use for the channel
  • messageBacklog (default 200) - how many message to keep in memory
  • sessionTimeout (default 60) - how many seconds to wait before killing inactive sessions


NodeChat comes with a client library built on jQuery to make it easy to connect to a NodeChat server.

// connect to a channel
var channel = nodeChat.connect("http://localhost:8001/chat");

// join the channel

// send a message to the channel

// leave the channel


The server and client both emit events on the channel objects.

  • join - emitted when someone joins the channel.
  • msg - emitted when someone sends a message to the channel.
  • part - emitted when someone leaves the channel.

Each event receives an object with the following properties:

  • id - unique id for the event (unique per channel).
  • nick - the nick of the user who performed the action.
  • type - the type of action (will be same as the event type).
  • text - text associated with the action.
  • timestamp - when the action occurred.

In addition, the client emits a connectionerror event if the connection to the server is lost.

Installation & Demo

To install:

git clone

To run the demo:


Then open http://localhost:8001 in a browser.