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Use PageSpeed Insights locally
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Use PageSpeed Insights locally!


  • npm install psi-local --save-dev
  • run your application locally (e.g. http://localhost:3000)
  • create .js file and require module:
      const psi = require('psi-local');
        .then(data => {
          // do something with results ...
  • run node <your-file>.js


Module contains the only function and returns Promise for more the best usability. You can easily use ES2017 syntax for working with psi-local as this promise is never rejected. If some errors occur, it will return object { err: Error }

  (async function() {
    const port = 3000;
    const stats = await psi(port);

    if (stats.err) return handleError(stats);
    return handleResults(stats);

MIT License

Fill free to use and contribute

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