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Data structure server written in Clojure that understands redis protocol.
Latest commit 9498f02 Oct 2, 2012 Artem Yankov bump up netty version and add some jvm tweaks


Memobot is a data structure server written in clojure. It speaks Redis protocol, so any standard redis client can work with it.

Supported Features

  • Basic: keys, type, del, ping
  • Strings: set, get, incr, decr, incrby, decrby, setnx, strlen
  • Lists: lindex, llen, lpop, lpush, lpushx, lrange, lrem, lset, ltrim, rpop, rpush, rpushx
  • Hashes: hdel, hget, hgetall, hexists, hkeys, hlen, hset, hsetnx, hvals
  • Sets: sadd, scard, sdiff, sinter, sismember, smembers, spop, srem, sunion
  • Sorted Sets: zadd, zcard, zincrby, zrange, zrem, zscore

Details on how to use these commands can be found here.


  • Refactor sorted sets. Should probably use skip list or finger trees to be able to search in log(n) time.
  • Tweak performance.
  • Clustering.
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