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CPP-WebUI - C++ Graphical User Interface Library


This library provide a framework for cross-platform GUI (Graphical User Interface) program development by C++. The essential idea is to run as web service, and use web page front technology to improve the user experience. Even in a desktop program, we use the same http server/client model.

Quick Start

This library is published as single header. You can easily start to use the library by includeing it:

#include <cpp-webui.h>

After that, define the UI elements and actions in C++ code:

int main()
    webui::window w("CPP-WebUI Demo");
    webui::textbox t("Hello!");
    webui::button b("Demo");
    b.onclick = [] { t.set_text("Hello, CPP-WebUI!"); }
    w += t + b;
    return webui::run();

Build and run it:

$ g++ demo.cpp && ./a.out

and then open http://localhost:1234/ in web browser.

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