Create in minutes a SEO-friendly React front-end for your Wordpress GraphQL API
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Next.js ( React ) + Wordpress = ReactPress ( GraphQL edition 🚀 )

Reactpress is starter-kit to create a SEO-friendly React front-end backed by a Wordpress back-office. It is built upon Next.js for Server Side Rendering.

Gettings started

Install and configure Wordpress

React developpers, you can use to install a Wordpress site and use it as a service. Then :

// allow CORS
header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

Install ReactPress

npm install
# start the dev server.
npm run dev

By default, reactpress uses a demo API. To connect your own API, edit reactpress.config.js file and edit variable wordpressGraphqlEndpoint so that it points to your wordpress graphql endpoint.

export default {
  wordpressGraphqlEndpoint: ""

You're ready to go ! You can now start working by looking / hacking / editing files from themes/starter directory.


current features

  • login (WIP)
  • Posts list, posts lists by category, posts lists by tag
  • Page
  • SEO Friendly : Server Side Rendering with Next.js
  • Nices seo-friendly urls using wordpress slugs
  • Page loader (progress bar)

planned features

  • comments


there several available ways to manage your css with Reactpress

import "../css/globals.css";