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This project is a fork of Discord-M1, with support for screen sharing, badges, and tweaks to keep the native application's look and feel on macOS.

An ARM64 native Discord desktop app for M1 Macs, based on 17hoehbr's work.

Working features

  • Voice calls
  • Screen sharing (entire screens and individual windows)
  • Badges (notifications count on the Discord icon)
  • Right-clicking to bring the context menu
  • Video calls popout (inside another window)

How to install

  1. Head to the releases page and download the latest version.
  2. Open the .dmg (or .zip) file and copy the application inside the Applications folder.
  3. Enjoy !

Building from source


As of today, Node 17 fails to compile one of the project's dependencies
I recommend to use Node 16 while waiting for node-gyp to fix this issue

Build the application

  1. Clone the project

$ git clone

  1. Navigate to the project's folder

$ cd Discord-M1

  1. Install the required dependencies

$ yarn install

  1. Compile and package the application

$ yarn dist

  1. You can now find the Discord-vX.X.X-arm64.dmg file inside Discord-M1/dist and the file inside Discord-M1/dist/mac-arm64

Alternatively you can run the app directly from source using yarn start, but it will be slower as it is intended for development purposes


Screen sharing is opening the System Preferences even when Discord already has the permission

As Discord-M1 and the official Discord client share the same name, you need to ensure both of them (or at least Discord-M1) has the permission to share your screen.

Screen sharing still does not work!!!!

On some very rare occasions, macOS can become confused by thinking the screen sharing permission has been granted to Discord-M1, when it is in fact still pointing to the official client.
To work around this bug, you can reset the screen sharing rights as pointed by Hasuuka in this comment: sudo tccutil reset ScreenCapture


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Made with Electron-Builder.

Kudos to 17hoehbr for his original work on an M1-friendly Discord client.

Screen sharing support would not have been possible without these ressources and their authors :

Badge count support would not have been possible without Randomblock1's work : JavaScript code for Nativefier Discord to add a counter and native style


A Discord app for M1 Macs made with electron-builder










  • JavaScript 92.9%
  • CSS 4.7%
  • HTML 2.4%