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Prevent invalid characters from appearing in markup (react/no-unescaped-entities)

This rule prevents characters that you may have meant as JSX escape characters from being accidentally injected as a text node in JSX statements.

For example, if one were to misplace their closing > in a tag:

  foo="bar">  {/* oops! */}
  Body Text

The body text of this would render as x="y"> Body Text, which is probably not what was intended. This rule requires that these special characters are escaped if they appear in the body of a tag.

Another example is when one accidentally includes an extra closing brace.


The extra brace will be rendered, and the body text will be Text}.

This rule will also check for " and ', which might be accidentally included when the closing > is in the wrong place.

  a="b">  {/* oops! */}
  Intended body text

The preferred way to include one of these characters is to use the HTML escape code.

  • > can be replaced with &gt;
  • " can be replaced with &quot;, &ldquo;, &#34; or &rdquo;
  • ' can be replaced with &apos;, &lsquo;, &#39; or &rsquo;
  • } can be replaced with &#125;

Alternatively, you can include the literal character inside a subexpression (such as <div>{'>'}</div>.

The characters < and { should also be escaped, but they are not checked by this rule because it is a syntax error to include those tokens inside of a tag.

Rule Details

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

<div> > </div>

Examples of correct code for this rule:

<div> &gt; </div>
<div> {'>'} </div>

Rule Options

"react/no-unescaped-entities": [<enabled>, { "forbid": Array<string> }]


Overwrite the default forbidden entities array ['>', '"', '\'', '}'] with your own:

"react/no-unescaped-entities": ["error", {"forbid": [">", "}"]}],
// or
"react/no-unescaped-entities": ["error", {"forbid": [{
  char: ">",
  alternatives: ['&gt;']
}, {
  char: "}",
  alternatives: ['&#125;']

Where char is a special character and alternatives is the correct escapes.