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A really dumb REST interface to MogileFS
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Don't return empty 204 instead of 404

This happen when x-proxy-capabilities are set to reproxy-file but the
requested file doesn't exist.
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This is a prototype of a REST abstraction of MogileFS.

Rationale: mogilefs client implementation is a bit complicated (requires
handling of propriatary mogile network protocol, correct management of
data to be transfered etc.).

Installation instructions:

$ git clone
$ cpanm MogileFS-REST

Configuration Instructions:

You can either use the provided app.psgi using ENV variable to configure it,
or write your own app.psgi.

ENV variables are:
- MOGILEFS_REST_SERVERS         comma separated list of trackers
- MOGILEFS_REST_DEFAULT_CLASS   default mogile class to use if none specified in the req.
- MOGILEFS_REST_LARGEFILE:      use largefile support of mogile client. default to true.

Usage Instructions:

$ MOGILEFS_REST_SERVERS=localhost:7001 plackup -Ilib -a app.psgi
# replace README with anyfile
$ curl -i -X PUT --data-binary @README http://localhost:5000/testing/key
$ curl -i -X GET http://localhost:5000/testing/key
$ curl -i -X GET http://localhost:5000/testing/key?paths=1
$ curl -i -X DELETE http://localhost:5000/testing/key
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