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Potential book outline....
What is Perlbal?
-- reverse proxy / load balancer
-- web server
-- pluggable
-- event based
* connection cheap
* scalable w/ epoll, kqueue
-- introspective
Perlbal tricks (teaser overviews to get excited, forward refs to more details in later sections)
-- internal (client-transparent) redirects, to pass req between backend HTTP servers,
or pass to static webserver mode in perlbal itself.
-- smart load balancing
-- runtime config changes
-- buffered uploads
-- verified backends (why it helps so much with loaded apaches)
* About config
-- config file format.
-- config file is just a bunch of line-based commands,
also work in mgmt port.
* explain implicit command context
-- change all config at runtime
* global commands (max fds, etc)
* Services, service roles
-- general service options
-- service role types
* Configuring a static webserver service
-- example configs and drawings/explanations
-- service options
* Configuring reverse proxy service
-- example configs and drawings/explanations
-- service options
* Selector services
-- example configs and drawings/explanations
-- map onto other services based on criteria.
-- vhosts.
* Hybrid modes:
-- selectors & x-reproxy-url & x-reproxy-file & x-reproxy-service
-- crazy examples:
* typepad/mogilefs crazy setup/selector
Monitoring Perlbal
* all the introspection admin commands
Hacking on Perlbal
* class hierarchy. roles of each object.
* explain hook system, document all hooks
* walk through minimal vhost plugin code, as example of how
to write a service selector.
* tips for debugging memory leaks:
-- easy to introduce circular loops w/ safaris
-- $^P = 0x200;
-- Devel::Gladiator,
-- Devel::Cycle
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