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Copy (or symlink) the plugins to ~/.cpanm/plugins

* backpan - get a specific version from BackPAN
* nearest_mirror - automatically pick the nearest mirror (and cache it)
* test_reporter - report test success/failures
* via_git, via_svn, via_ssh - install via git:// URL (and svn:// and such)
* clone_repo - Clones (checks out) repository using META.yml repository info
* changes - Gets and displays the changelog
* fetch - just fetch the tarball to the current dir
* distroprefs - distribution blacklisting
* ratings - get/post CPAN cpanratings info
* rt - get/send RT tickets
* testers - get testers info
* cpandoc - perldoc
* gtk2notify - same as growl, uses Gtk2Notify
* codesearch - Google code search lang:perl
* needs_upgrade - port cpan-outdated
* darkpan - makes it easy to work with DarkPAN indexes
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