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If you checkout this, be sure to look into my ‘sasl’ branch

commits in SASL branch

Also be sure to pull from my sasl fork since you need the latest to make it work.

Here is a sample configuration:

## standard jabber client port number
ClientPort 5222

### server to server delivery port number
ServerPort 5269

### server admin port
AdminPort 5200

<VHost dev.local>
#    RequireSSL yes
    <Plugin DJabberd::SASL::AuthenSASL>
    #    Optional   yes
        Mechanisms LOGIN PLAIN DIGEST_MD5
     <Plugin DJabberd::RosterStorage::SQLite>
        Database /tmp/djabberd.sqlite
    <Plugin DJabberd::Authen::AllowedUsers>
        policy          deny
        allowedusers    partya partyb
    <Plugin DJabberd::Authen::StaticPassword>
        password secret
    <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::Local />
    <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::S2S />