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I wanted to have a core script for Gists, but the gist API being incomplete it requires WWW::Mechanize, a non starter for me
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Yet another command line client for gist using Perl. Posts a new (public or private) gist, then auto git clone to ~/gists.


You might want to set environment variable GIST_DIR (or GISTY_DIR) where gistp automaticaly clones your new gists for you. By default it's ~/gists.

Set global git config as explained in github account page

git config --global github.user your_id
git config --global github.token your_token


echo "foo" | gistp                  post a new gist (no name set) 
echo "foo" | gistp --name "foo.txt" post a new gist (with a name)  
gistp file1.rb ...         post a new gist (with names, can be multiple)
gistp --private file1.txt           post a new private gist

Difference with gist and gisty

gist gets your paste from STDIN, so you can't name your script. gisty allows you to post files. gistp does both. gisty has more convenient features like list, pull and sync all of your gists, but gistp doesn't do that. And it's written in Perl, unlike others are in Ruby :)

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