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8e61ff3 initial checkin.
elmex authored
1 Revision history for Net-XMPP2
56e8b96 @elmex bumped version and added first changes
elmex authored
3 0.05
4 - lots of documentation bugfixes and also added some
5 more useful examples to the synopsises.
d8702ba @elmex this is version 0.04 finally
elmex authored
7 0.04 Thu Jul 26 20:41:57 CEST 2007
bcf52e7 @elmex added changes entry for last commit
elmex authored
8 - actually added event send_stanza_data after documenting it
a8f3149 @elmex added example for registration to documentation
elmex authored
9 - added samples/simple_register_example
67c0c08 implemented OOB and fixed bugs in Disco and further developed in band…
elmex authored
10 - fixed some bugs in Net::XMPP2::Ext::Disco
11 - now really added support for in band registration (XEP-0077)
12 - added support for out of band transfers (XEP-0066)
9173c17 Release of version 0.03
elmex authored
14 0.03 Wed Jul 25 12:04:06 CEST 2007
94ee723 documentation update
elmex authored
15 - fundamentally changed how events work, it's now less
16 errorprone for the programmer (you don't have to return
17 a true value now all the time and can call $self->unreg_me
18 for unregistering a callback).
6a5962e changed subscription semantics
elmex authored
19 Because of this change send_*_hook and contact_did_* events
20 have changed their arguments.
c3fdd34 added sax event generator for Net::XMPP2::Node.
elmex authored
21 - implemented SAX event generator for easier integration
22 with other XML libraries and generation of DOM.
09f0a0d lots of changes. added as_string to Net::XMPP2::Node to restore
elmex authored
23 - added the possibility to completly restore the original
24 XML data from a Net::XMPP2::Node.
25 - implemented the component protocol to establish a component
26 stream with a server.
22cf02c added initial_presence argument to the IM::Connection and the
elmex authored
27 - reordered events a bit so that session_ready comes after
28 roster retrieval (when it is retrieved)
29 - added possibility to set the initial presence priority
30 or prevent sending of initial presence
31 (see Net::XMPP2::IM::Connection).
60d82ba fixed minor issue with disco
elmex authored
32 - fixed some minor issue with handling invalid disco results
bc40f35 added send_*_hook event hooks
elmex authored
33 - added send_*_hook event hooks for future extensions
34 like the entity capabilities to be able to add payload
35 to outgoing stanzas
770c52d finished up the next release.
elmex authored
37 0.02 Wed Jul 11 22:55:56 CEST 2007
48bff65 further improved devcl and added iq_xml
elmex authored
38 - added iq_xml event
77069a8 added development client example
elmex authored
39 - added development client example in samples/devcl/
40 - added some debugging events: debug_recv, debug_send, send_stanza_data,
41 and recv_stanza_xml.
42 - the error event now also provides error reporting
43 about exceptions (eq. in IQ callbacks, which is certainly
44 useful for development!)
6717c5a fixed error in bind iq handling
elmex authored
45 - fixed error in binding-handling in case the bind iq gets a timeout
fee5979 some changes...
elmex authored
46 - added samples/room_lister* and samples/conference_lister
67478b7 fixed some bugs, redesigned disco mechanism, probably added some bugs,
elmex authored
47 - redesigned disco mechanism a bit
48 - added error collection event for nicer error reporting capabilities
49 - added samples/disco_test
fe8c029 implemented dataforms - phew! that was a bullet of work
elmex authored
50 - implemented XEP-0004
94afc75 added limit_searcher
elmex authored
51 - added samples/limit_searcher
52 - added simxml()
53 - splitting up large packets when writing
5ec8913 fixed documentation broken link
elmex authored
54 - fixed bad link in documentation of Net::XMPP2::IM::Connection
d6561ad added first real example
elmex authored
55 - added samples/simple_example_1
23c14c8 fixed some typos and such
elmex authored
56 - fixed some typos (thanks to lynx aka carlo)
6059d3a last changes and now it's uploaded to CPAN!
elmex authored
58 0.01 Thu Jul 5 19:34:30 CEST 2007
59 - fixed first bugs and tested in daily usage.
60 - implemented XEP-0086
61 - implemented XEP-0030
62 - implemented XEP-0077
63 - implemented 95% of RFC 3921
64 - implemented 95% of RFC 3920
65 - first version, released to an unsuspecting world :-)
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