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v2.0.X, 2012-XX-XX -- Major bug fix release
* GearmanWorker - Dispatch to the right function instead of looping
* GearmanClient - Let the server handle the special '-' unique [GH-18]
* GearmanClient - fix memory leak on brackground jobs [GH-10]
* GearmanWorker - add a after_job hook [GH-22]
* ConnectionManager - fix case where closed connections would still be polled [GHPR-25]
* 1to2 - fix wording mistakce [GHPR-23]
* Protocol - enforce no-nulls in non-last arguments [GHPR-26]
v2.0.2, 2011-01-11 -- Major bug fix release
* GearmanClient - Fixed a memory leak in the handler where we never de-allocated completed jobs [GH-6]
* GearmanClient - Updated GET_STATUS to ask about a job that wasn't previously submitted [GH-1]
* Gearman library - Fixed logging errors when NullHandler wasn't provdied [GH-3]
v2.0.1, 2010-10-12 -- Minor bug fix release
* GearmanJobRequest - Combined `server_status` and `status_updates` into a shared `status` field
* GearmanJobRequest.status - `numerator` and `denominator` are now cast to integers
* GearmanWorker.send_* - Updated to immediately send commands instead of waiting for the work select loop
v2.0.0, 2010-09-28 -- Initial release
v2.0.0.beta, 2010-06-15 -- Beta release