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import logging
from gearman.errors import UnknownCommandError
from gearman.protocol import get_command_name
gearman_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class GearmanCommandHandler(object):
"""A command handler manages the state which we should be in given a certain stream of commands
GearmanCommandHandler does no I/O and only understands sending/receiving commands
def __init__(self, connection_manager=None):
self.connection_manager = connection_manager
def initial_state(self, *largs, **kwargs):
"""Called by a Connection Manager after we've been instantiated and we're ready to send off commands"""
def on_io_error(self):
def decode_data(self, data):
"""Convenience function :: handle binary string -> object unpacking"""
return self.connection_manager.data_encoder.decode(data)
def encode_data(self, data):
"""Convenience function :: handle object -> binary string packing"""
return self.connection_manager.data_encoder.encode(data)
def fetch_commands(self):
"""Called by a Connection Manager to notify us that we have pending commands"""
continue_working = True
while continue_working:
cmd_tuple = self.connection_manager.read_command(self)
if cmd_tuple is None:
cmd_type, cmd_args = cmd_tuple
continue_working = self.recv_command(cmd_type, **cmd_args)
def send_command(self, cmd_type, **cmd_args):
"""Hand off I/O to the connection mananger"""
self.connection_manager.send_command(self, cmd_type, cmd_args)
def recv_command(self, cmd_type, **cmd_args):
"""Maps any command to a recv_* callback function"""
completed_work = None
gearman_command_name = get_command_name(cmd_type)
if bool(gearman_command_name == cmd_type) or not gearman_command_name.startswith('GEARMAN_COMMAND_'):
unknown_command_msg = 'Could not handle command: %r - %r' % (gearman_command_name, cmd_args)
raise ValueError(unknown_command_msg)
recv_command_function_name = gearman_command_name.lower().replace('gearman_command_', 'recv_')
cmd_callback = getattr(self, recv_command_function_name, None)
if not cmd_callback:
missing_callback_msg = 'Could not handle command: %r - %r' % (get_command_name(cmd_type), cmd_args)
raise UnknownCommandError(missing_callback_msg)
# Expand the arguments as passed by the protocol
# This must match the parameter names as defined in the command handler
completed_work = cmd_callback(**cmd_args)
return completed_work
def recv_error(self, error_code, error_text):
"""When we receive an error from the server, notify the connection manager that we have a gearman error"""
return self.connection_manager.on_gearman_error(error_code, error_text)