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#!/usr/bin/env python
Gearman Client Utils
import errno
import select as select_lib
import time
from gearman.constants import DEFAULT_GEARMAN_PORT
class Stopwatch(object):
"""Timer class that keeps track of time remaining"""
def __init__(self, time_remaining):
if time_remaining is not None:
self.stop_time = time.time() + time_remaining
self.stop_time = None
def get_time_remaining(self):
if self.stop_time is None:
return None
current_time = time.time()
if not self.has_time_remaining(current_time):
return 0.0
time_remaining = self.stop_time - current_time
return time_remaining
def has_time_remaining(self, time_comparison=None):
time_comparison = time_comparison or self.get_time_remaining()
if self.stop_time is None:
return True
return bool(time_comparison < self.stop_time)
def disambiguate_server_parameter(hostport_tuple):
"""Takes either a tuple of (address, port) or a string of 'address:port' and disambiguates them for us"""
if type(hostport_tuple) is tuple:
gearman_host, gearman_port = hostport_tuple
elif ':' in hostport_tuple:
gearman_host, gearman_possible_port = hostport_tuple.split(':')
gearman_port = int(gearman_possible_port)
gearman_host = hostport_tuple
return gearman_host, gearman_port
def select(rlist, wlist, xlist, timeout=None):
"""Behave similar to, except ignoring certain types of exceptions"""
rd_list = []
wr_list = []
ex_list = []
select_args = [rlist, wlist, xlist]
if timeout is not None:
rd_list, wr_list, ex_list =*select_args)
except select_lib.error, exc:
# Ignore interrupted system call, reraise anything else
if exc[0] != errno.EINTR:
return rd_list, wr_list, ex_list
def unlist(given_list):
"""Convert the (possibly) single item list into a single item"""
list_size = len(given_list)
if list_size == 0:
return None
elif list_size == 1:
return given_list[0]
raise ValueError(list_size)