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Revision history for Perl extension RPC::XML.
0.41 Wed May 22 02:50:47 PDT 2002
Wrapped the call to XML::Parser::parse (lib/RPC/XML/ in an
eval {} so that parse failures don't kill a server or client. Reported
by Kevin Greene.
An intended clone-operation in RPC::XML::response::new (lib/RPC/
was never actually written, which allowed for a corner case that could
result in new() return undef when it shouldn't. Related to the bug
reported by Sergey Scherbinin.
The RPC::XML::Procedure::call method (lib/RPC/XML/ had one
error-check loop that was returning a full RPC::XML::response object,
instead of just a RPC::XML::fault. Reported by Sergey Scherbinin.
0.40 Sat May 4 00:42:18 PDT 2002
Fixed some grammar problems in error messages, and some formatting.
Fixed a bug in the new() method of Apache::RPC::Server where it was
expecting the value of the "apache" key to be an object of the
Apache::Server class, but it was actually getting an object of the
Apache class.
Created RPC::XML::Function class, which is a type of server-side
encapsulator that doesn't bother with signature tests of any kind.
The DTD and make_method tool support the new type.
Changed the encoding of the Perl code in etc/make_method as follows:
If the code does not already contain either of the two sequences,
']]>' or '__DATA__', then the code is wrapped in a <![CDATA[ ]]>
section, with #!/usr/bin/perl (actually, $Config{startperl}) at the
head and __DATA__ at the end. Besides leaving the Perl code readable,
the *.xpl files can now be syntax-checked with "perl -cx". Thanks to
the mod_perl guys for this idea, cribbed from their manual page.
Abstracted some of the invocation code out of the server class and
into the RPC::XML::Procedure class, where it really belonged. This
aided in further eliminating redundancy in the server class in the
same general area. I may yet want to tune this area, but I'm a good
deal happier with the reduction in complexity and repetition.
0.37 Fri Mar 22 22:16:08 PST 2002
Applied a patch to RPC::XML::Server from Tino Wuensche
(<>) that fixed some of the signal-handling
and exit-case-handling in server_loop().
Fixed a bug in RPC::XML::Procedure found by a user (a former
co-worker from my Denver days, coincidentally enough) that would
trigger when auto_methods was set to 1 on a server object, but the
request had no matching file anywhere in the search path.
0.36 Tue Jan 29 12:11:30 PST 2002
The file in the t directory was accidentally omitted from the
0.35 release. This release is meant only to correct that oversight.
0.35 Sun Jan 27 16:29:19 PST 2002
Fixed a small bug in make_method that would have caused a failure if
anyone used the command-line switches to specify data, rather than a
base-file (specifically, the handling of the --code argument). Also
clarified a few places in the man page.
Found bugs in both versions of the system.status server method (both
the basic and the Apache flavor). Both were neglecting to set the
"methods_known" value. Also found a bug in system.methodHelp. Amazing
what writing the regression tests can uncover.
RPC::XML::Method is now a skeleton file, slated to be removed by or
before 1.0. It has been renamed to RPC::XML::Procedure, and the
RPC::XML::Method class is declared as an empty subclass of the
RPC::XML::Procedure class. Procedures differ from methods in that they
do not get the server object instance as a first parameter in the list
that gets passed in.
Support for RPC::XML::Procedure (and general procedure vs. method)
added to the DTD and the make_method tool. All the routines in the
ex/ directory are declared as procedures, to further illustrate the
When code blocks for XPL files are eval'd, they are given a "package"
statement to force subsequent calls to be in the RPC::XML::Pprocedure
namespace, rather than defaulting to main (a potentially dangerous
assumption). The docs on routine-calling in RPC::XML::Server have been
updated to discuss this.
Many more tests added to the suite for RPC::XML::Server.
Created the test suite for RPC::XML::Client.
RPC::XML::Client no longer returns a full RPC::XML::response object
from any of its routines. Rather, simple_request still does what it
always has, and send_request now returns a data-type value. All the
data-type classes have a method called "is_fault" that returns false
for all except (of course) RPC::XML::fault. This lets callers of
send_request test the return value to see if it is a fault.
Added callback support for errors and faults to the RPC::XML::Client
class. This allows programmers to tie specific actions to cases where
a call returns a RPC::XML::fault object, or an outright error.
Created a separate test suite for RPC::XML::Server when used in
conjunction with the Net::Server package (it skips if the latter is
not installed on the system).
Almost all of the method-manipulation routines in RPC::XML::Server (all
but add_default_methods()) now have counterparts called by the same
name after s/method/proc/. This is purely for syntactical sugar and
symmetry. Except in the case of add_proc(), where it actually ensures
that a hash-reference calling convention is geared correctly to add a
RPC::XML::Procedure object rather than RPC::XML::Method.
0.30 Thu Jan 3 01:57:29 PST 2002
- first beta release
Apache::RPC::Server::list_servers no longer sorts the list before
returning it. No reason to assume it matters, or to levy that tax
against those who don't care.
RPC::XML::Server::url now constructs saner strings for HTTPS and for
HTTP on port 80.
The new() method in RPC::XML::Server wasn't quite handling the "host"
and "port" arguments that Apache::RPC::Server sent it correctly.
Added a patch to the RPC::XML::Server class from Christopher Blizzard
( to allow control over the timeout interval that
HTTP::Daemon uses in answering new connections.
Replaced a GNU Make-centric dependancy rule for the XPL files with
a more portable .SUFFIXES-based one. This is unfortunate, as the %
syntax of GNU make is much cleaner. But GNU Make isn't universal. Yet.
This release marks the debut of Apache::RPC::Status, a monitor similar
in nature and design to Apache::Status, for running RPC servers under
Apache/mod_perl. See the manual page for details.
Documentation for Apache::RPC::Server was updated based on trials and
travails in trying to actually set up a configuration inside <Perl>
blocks. This isn't very clear in the mod_perl documentation, but at
least the docs for this module reflect exactly what I have configured
on my development box, so I know it works.
0.29 Sun Dec 2 22:41:39 PST 2001
Added share_methods(), copy_methods() and delete_method() calls to the
RPC::XML::Server class (and thus to the Apache class as well). Had
already added an INSTALL_DIR method to retrieve the class-specific
installation dir to the Apache class, so mirrored it here, as well.
Added list_servers() static method to Apache::RPC::Server, to allow
for abstract retrieval of the ID-tags of the current known servers.
This is mainly so Apache::RPC::Status can use it in conjunction with
get_server() to examine the server objects for the sake of stats and
Added list_methods() to RPC::XML::Server, to list the object's known
(published) methods by name. Mainly for use in the regression suites,
but worth documenting in the API in case someone else finds it
Four of the provided methods in the introspection API
(system.introspection, system.listMethods, system.methodHelp and
system.methodSignature) needed to be updated to use the newer API for
the XML::RPC::Method class when retrieving information from the server.
Started the test suites for RPC::XML::Method and RPC::XML::Server.
The tests that are delivered as part of this build are not fully
complete, but should be a reasonable start.
0.28 Sun Oct 7 21:27:39 PDT 2001
Found a subtle-but-nasty bug in the handling of RPC::XML::string
objects. Thanks to Dominic Mitchell <> for pointing
me in the right direction.
Started down the path of making the suite as a whole geared more
towards real use than illustrative example. The XML data-classes now
no longer use indention (or any superfluous whitespace) in their
stringification. This shortened the code quite a bit, and will also
mean shorter messages. This could not have been done cleanly without
the tests in t/10_data.t.
Extracted the method-manipulation code into a new class, called
RPC::XML::Method. This should make method-sharing easier, and pull
a lot of method-specific code out of RPC::XML::Server and
Clarified some issues in the new() constructor of the
Apache::RPC::Server class, and also changed the calling convention.
It no longer treats the first few arguments in any special way at all.
The arguments are all consistently taken as option/value pairs, just
as with RPC::XML::Server. The documentation reflects this. This may
break things built on the old style, but in the long run it should
prove much better.
0.27 Sun Jul 8 16:25:51 PDT 2001
Removed a -w warning from RPC/ Fixed some cases in the new()
method of RPC::XML::boolean that would have permitted invalid data.
Added two convenience methods to RPC::XML::fault, called code() and
string(), that fetch the faultCode and faultString member values as
native Perl values. The RPC::XML::base64 class was using the wrong
container tags in the as_string method.
Clarified and expanded some of the documentation in RPC/XML/
Adjusted the PREREQ_PM hash in Makefile.PL so that it correctly looks
for LWP, and also looks for File::Spec 0.8 or newer (needed to ensure
that the splitpath() method is available).
Cleaned up the load-tests (t/00_load.t) to use the Test harnessing
package. Added test suites for the RPC::XML data classes (t/10_data.t,
96 tests) and the RPC::XML::Parser container-class (t/20_parser.t,
7 tests).
0.26 Mon Jun 25 22:30:18 PDT 2001
Fixed some doc errors in RPC::XML::Server. Mainly things I had
simplified, but not updated the docs to reflect.
Added a fair amount to the docs in Apache::RPC::Server. In particular,
a new section was added that illustrates using <Perl> configuration
sections to create the server objects in the master Apache process,
so that they are automatically inherited by children.
0.25 Tue Jun 12 22:35:09 PDT 2001
This is the initial release.
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