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2.2b1 (2007-03-31)
- Individual program configuration sections can now specify an
- Added a 'version' command to supervisorctl. This returns the
version of the supervisor2 package which the remote supervisord
process is using.
2.1 (2007-03-17)
- When supervisord was invoked more than once, and its configuration
was set up to use a UNIX domain socket as the HTTP server, the
socket file would be erased in error. The symptom of this was
that a subsequent invocation of supervisorctl could not find the
socket file, so the process could not be controlled (it and all of
its subprocesses would need to be killed by hand).
- Close subprocess file descriptors properly when a subprocess exits
or otherwise dies. This should result in fewer "too many open
files to spawn foo" messages when supervisor is left up for long
periods of time.
- When a process was not killable with a "normal" signal at shutdown
time, too many "INFO: waiting for x to die" messages would be sent
to the log until we ended up killing the process with a SIGKILL.
Now a maximum of one every three seconds is sent up until SIGKILL
time. Thanks to Ian Bicking.
- Add an assertion: we never want to try to marshal None to XML-RPC
callers. Issue 223 in the collector from vgatto indicates that
somehow a supervisor XML-RPC method is returning None (which
should never happen), but I cannot identify how. Maybe the
assertion will give us more clues if it happens again.
- Supervisor would crash when run under Python 2.5 because the
xmlrpclib.Transport class in Python 2.5 changed in a
backward-incompatible way. Thanks to Eric Westra for the bug
report and a fix.
- Tests now pass under Python 2.5.
- Better supervisorctl reporting on stop requests that have a FAILED
- Removed duplicated code (readLog/readMainLog), thanks to Mike
- Added tailProcessLog command to the XML-RPC API. It provides a
more efficient way to tail logs than readProcessLog(). Use
readProcessLog() to read chunks and tailProcessLog() to tail.
(thanks to Mike Naberezny).
2.1b1 (2006-08-30)
- "supervisord -h" and "supervisorctl -h" did not work (traceback
instead of showing help view (thanks to Damjan from Macedonia for
the bug report).
- Processes which started successfully after failing to start
initially are no longer reported in BACKOFF state once they are
started successfully (thanks to Damjan from Macdonia for the bug
- Add new 'maintail' command to supervisorctl shell, which allows
you to tail the 'main' supervisor log. This uses a new
readMainLog xmlrpc API.
- Various process-state-transition related changes, all internal.
README.txt updated with new state transition map.
- startProcess and startAllProcesses xmlrpc APIs changed: instead of
accepting a timeout integer, these accept a wait boolean (timeout
is implied by process' "startsecs" configuration). If wait is
False, do not wait for startsecs.
Known issues:
- Code does not match state transition map. Processes which are
configured as autorestarting which start "successfully" but
subsequently die after 'startsecs' go through the transitions
RUNNING -> BACKOFF -> STARTING instead of the correct transitions
RUNNING -> EXITED -> STARTING. This has no real negative effect,
but should be fixed for correctness.
2.0 (2006-08-30)
- pidfile written in daemon mode had incorrect pid.
- supervisorctl: tail (non -f) did not pass through proper error
messages when supplied by the server.
- Log signal name used to kill processes at debug level.
- supervisorctl "tail -f" didn't work with supervisorctl sections
configured with an absolute unix:// URL
- New "environment" config file option allows you to add environment
variable values to supervisord environment from config file.
2.0b1 (2006-07-12)
- fundamental rewrite based on 1.0.6, use distutils (only) for
installation, use ConfigParser rather than ZConfig, use HTTP for
wire protocol, web interface, less lies in supervisorctl.
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