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RedCloth is a Ruby library for converting Textile into HTML.
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h1. RedCloth

h2. Humane text for Ruby

RedCloth is a module for using Textile in Ruby.  Textile is a
text format.  A very simple text format.  Another stab at making
readable text that can be converted to HTML.

Textile is (c) 2003 Dean Allen.  All rights reserved.
You can read more "here":

RedCloth is also based on PyTextile, which is:
Copyright (c) 2003, Mark Pilgrim,
All rights reserved.  You can read more about PyTextile

h2. Installing RedCloth

To install RedCloth via raa-install:

  raa-install -i redcloth

Or download RedCloth and simply run the install.rb like so:

  ruby install.rb config
  ruby install.rb setup
  sudo ruby install.rb install

h2. Using RedCloth

The RedCloth class is an extension of Ruby's String class.
Use it like you would a String:

  >> r = "*strong text* and _emphasized text_"
  => "*strong text* and _emphasized text_"
  >> r.gsub!( 'text', 'words' )
  => "*strong words* and _emphasized words_"

To generate HTML from your RedCloth object, use the
@RedCloth#to_html@ method:

  >> r.to_html
  => "<p><strong>strong words</strong> and <em>emphasized words</em></p>"

h2. The Textile language

See the "Textile home page": for
details on the Textile language.

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