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Frontend of the firmware wizard Build Status Dependency Status

Currently, this is a prototype for an upcoming firmware wizard. Check it out here!

Technical background

This wizards follows a few principles:

  1. Router configuration should be a piece of cake (for users and developers).
  2. Make the router stupid: all business logic is in the browser. Lua and LuCI can be removed from the router.
  3. The actual router config is generated from a single-source-of-truth JSON config.
  4. The wizard can be re-run with the JSON config.
  5. Migrations to new versions of the firmware can regenerate the actual config from the JSON config.


You need npm (included in NodeJS). The dependencies are fetched via

npm install

Dev builds

The following command builds the required files for development purposes in the subdirectory dist and spawns a web server on http://localhost:8080 (with live reload when you change files in src/):

npm run watch

Production builds

A production build (with minification) is triggered via

npm run build