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Flym Fork RSS Reader is a light and modern Android feed reader, based on Flym News Reader
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"Staying in touch with all Your Interests never has been so easy".

Handy News Reader: no ads/free software under GNU GPL license

  • make up Your Dream Magazine!
  • interesting articles straight into Your hands
  • finally enjoy reading

...enjoy Your Life being distraction-free - and up-to-date with Your interests in the same time. Focus on the Essence...

Meet Handy NR - a feature-rich, off-line oriented RSS reader which respects Your Time as well as Your Inner Peace: it avoids switching attention and distractions which are so familiar today when You think of mobile devices.


  • full articles at hand: no need to use an external web-browser to reach full text,
  • convenient reading: switching articles by volume buttons or swipe, Tap Zones, remembering the position of reading per article,
  • important articles' notification: You will no longer miss anything You find especially important,
  • "Read It Later": You can quickly flick through articles - marking (starring) chosen ones to read later in Your spare time - or just to preserve,
  • "Remove When Finished" - once You've finished such an article - it may be automatically removed from the 'Favorites' (='Read It Later') set,
  • ready to go off-line - dive into interesting reading without distractions: once updated, there is no need of additional loading anything - it really will do without Internet :),
  • save the bandwidth: go on-line only for new articles - not for loading their full-version every single time; control what should be downloaded - and to what degree,
  • gesture-friendly: e.g. swipe top down to add/remove an article from Favorites, swipe along the left edge of the screen to adjust text brightness,
  • user-friendly: care about Your eyes with a dark theme, adjust text size, color and brightness to meet Your individual needs,
  • neat ideas: non-hyperlinked article headers won't interfere with Your fingers any more ;) ; scrolling article pages by 90% of their height can make reading less confusing = more comfortable,
  • highly customizable: from Tap Zones' size to hyperlinks' color and underlining - there are a bunch of details which You can tailor exactly to Your Own taste and needs,
  • advanced features: auto-backup (export/import to/from an .opml format), providing content out of non-RSS websites,
  • more interesting features "in store" - visit our website to find out more :) !;

Where you can find us:

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