A simple Minesweeper game implemented with graphics library EasyX in C.一个基于EasyX图形库与C语言的扫雷游戏。
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A simple Minesweeper game implemented with a graphics library EasyX in C.


Download and Run

Just dowanload and open 扫雷.exe

Environment and Configurations

  • Download and install VC++6.0.
  • Download and install EasyX库 2012立冬版. (If you cannot visit the download link, this repository has also provided the installation package, and you can just download from here.)
  • Compile the source code file 'xxx.cpp' by VC, and then you can run and play the game.

Key Points

  • Use amounts of identifiers to represent the status (mine or no mine(i.e. 0~8 mines around)) of each cell in map.
  • Design two recursions to implement:
  1. the searching process when user clicks a 'no mine' cell;
  2. the automatic opening process of the surrouding cells when the central cell was determined.

For More

If you want more information about 'How to develop this game', you can have a further look at the file 扫雷开发文档.pdf.