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Sanzang Tables


Sanzang is a system for translating from CJK languages -- Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. You can define your own translation rules as you need them, and these are stored in simple delimited text files. These rules define how to translate specific words and phrases.

The files contained here are "translation tables" -- sets of translation rules for Sanzang. By running the Sanzang Utils translator with one of these table files, you can generate rough translations. For example:

$ cat mytext.txt | szu-r | szu-t zh_en_tripitaka

For the programs that use these tables, see Sanzang Utils:

Following Development

The translation rules here are regularly revised, added to, and improved. If you are interested in using these translation tables, then you should track their development so you can use the latest versions.


If this project is subject to copyright or database rights, then these rights are waived universally to the maximum extent of the law. This data should be regarded as knowledge in the public domain.

To help facilitate this worldwide, the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license is used, which is a tool for releasing works into the public domain. See the file for more details.

Table: zh_en_tripitaka

  • Source: Traditional Chinese from the Taisho Tripitaka (e.g. CBETA)
  • Targets: (1) Hanyu Pinyin, (2) English
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Description: Translation from the Chinese Buddhist canon
  • Entries: 7000+