A free, simple, tiny (1 java file!), nicely embeddable HTTP server in Java.
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Features & limitations

  • Only one Java file
  • Java 1.1 compatible
  • Released as open source, Modified BSD licence
  • No fixed config files, logging, authorization etc. (Implement by yourself if you need them.)
  • Supports parameter parsing of GET and POST methods
  • Parameter names must be unique. (Adding support to multiple instance of a parameter is not difficult, but would make the interface a bit more cumbersome to use.)
  • Supports both dynamic content and file serving
  • Supports file upload (since version 1.2, 2010)
  • Never caches anything
  • Doesn't limit bandwidth, request time or simultaneous connections
  • Default code serves files and shows all HTTP parameters and headers
  • File server supports directory listing, index.html and index.htm
  • File server does the 301 redirection trick for directories without /
  • File server supports simple skipping for files (continue download)
  • File server uses current directory as a web root
  • File server serves also very long files without memory overhead
  • Contains a built-in list of most common mime types
  • All header names are converted lowercase so they don't vary between browsers/clients

Ways to use

  • Run as a standalone app (serves files from current directory and shows requests)
  • Subclass serve() and embed to your own program (see HelloServer.java for a simple example)
  • Call serveFile() from serve() with your own base directory
  • To test file uploading, try browsing file-upload-test.htm through NanoHTTPD, upload something and watch the console output.