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Node libraries for measuring and reporting application-level metrics.

Measured is heavily inspired by Coda Hale, Yammer Inc's Dropwizard Metrics Libraries

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Available packages

Measured Core

The core measured library that has the Metric interfaces and implementations.


Measured Reporting

The registry and reporting library that has the classes needed to create a dimension aware, self reporting metrics registry.


Measured Node Metrics

Various metrics generators and http framework middlewares that can be used with a self reporting metrics registry to easily instrument metrics for a node app.


Measured SignalFx Reporter

A reporter that can be used with measured-reporting to send metrics to SignalFx.


Measured Datadog reporter

Not implemented, community contribution wanted.

Measured Graphite reporter

Not implemented, community contribution wanted.

Development and Contributing

See Development and Contributing


This project Measured and all of its modules are licensed under the MIT license.