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#ifndef _ACSM_H_
#define _ACSM_H_
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#define ASCIITABLE_SIZE (256)
#define PATTERN_MAXLEN (1024)
#define ACSM_FAIL_STATE (-1)
typedef struct acsm_queue_s {
struct acsm_queue_s *prev;
struct acsm_queue_s *next;
} acsm_queue_t;
typedef struct {
int state;
acsm_queue_t queue;
} acsm_state_queue_t;
typedef struct acsm_pattern_s {
u_char *string;
size_t len;
struct acsm_pattern_s *next;
} acsm_pattern_t;
typedef struct {
int next_state[ASCIITABLE_SIZE];
int fail_state;
/* output */
acsm_pattern_t *match_list;
} acsm_state_node_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned max_state;
unsigned num_state;
acsm_pattern_t *patterns;
acsm_state_node_t *state_table;
void *pool;
acsm_state_queue_t work_queue;
acsm_state_queue_t free_queue;
unsigned no_case;
} acsm_context_t;
#define acsm_tolower(c) (u_char) ((c >= 'A' && c <= 'Z') ? (c | 0x20) : c)
#define acsm_strlen(s) strlen((const char *) s)
#define NO_CASE 0x01
acsm_context_t *acsm_alloc(int flag);
void acsm_free(acsm_context_t *ctx);
int acsm_add_pattern(acsm_context_t *ctx, u_char *string, size_t len);
int acsm_compile(acsm_context_t *ctx);
int acsm_search(acsm_context_t *ctx, u_char *string, size_t len);
#endif /* _ACSM_H_ */
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