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#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>
#include <ngx_event.h>
#include <ngx_event_connect.h>
typedef struct ngx_tcp_protocol_s ngx_tcp_protocol_t;
typedef struct ngx_tcp_upstream_s ngx_tcp_upstream_t;
typedef struct ngx_tcp_cleanup_s ngx_tcp_cleanup_t;
#include <ngx_tcp_session.h>
#include <ngx_tcp_upstream.h>
#include <ngx_tcp_upstream_round_robin.h>
typedef struct {
void **main_conf;
void **srv_conf;
} ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t;
typedef struct {
u_char sockaddr[NGX_SOCKADDRLEN];
socklen_t socklen;
/* server ctx */
ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *ctx;
unsigned bind:1;
unsigned wildcard:1;
#if (NGX_HAVE_INET6 && defined IPV6_V6ONLY)
unsigned ipv6only:2;
} ngx_tcp_listen_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *ctx;
ngx_str_t addr_text;
} ngx_tcp_addr_conf_t;
typedef struct {
in_addr_t addr;
ngx_tcp_addr_conf_t conf;
} ngx_tcp_in_addr_t;
typedef struct {
struct in6_addr addr6;
ngx_tcp_addr_conf_t conf;
} ngx_tcp_in6_addr_t;
typedef struct {
/* ngx_tcp_in_addr_t or ngx_tcp_in6_addr_t */
void *addrs;
ngx_uint_t naddrs;
} ngx_tcp_port_t;
typedef struct {
int family;
in_port_t port;
ngx_array_t addrs; /* array of ngx_tcp_conf_addr_t */
} ngx_tcp_conf_port_t;
typedef struct {
struct sockaddr *sockaddr;
socklen_t socklen;
ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *ctx;
unsigned bind:1;
unsigned wildcard:1;
#if (NGX_HAVE_INET6 && defined IPV6_V6ONLY)
unsigned ipv6only:2;
} ngx_tcp_conf_addr_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_array_t servers; /* ngx_tcp_core_srv_conf_t */
ngx_array_t listen; /* ngx_tcp_listen_t */
} ngx_tcp_core_main_conf_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_tcp_protocol_t *protocol;
ngx_msec_t timeout;
ngx_msec_t resolver_timeout;
ngx_flag_t so_keepalive;
ngx_str_t server_name;
u_char *file_name;
ngx_int_t line;
ngx_resolver_t *resolver;
/* server ctx */
ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *ctx;
} ngx_tcp_core_srv_conf_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_str_t *client;
ngx_tcp_session_t *session;
} ngx_tcp_log_ctx_t;
typedef void (*ngx_tcp_init_session_pt)(ngx_tcp_session_t *s,
ngx_connection_t *c);
typedef void (*ngx_tcp_init_protocol_pt)(ngx_event_t *rev);
typedef void (*ngx_tcp_auth_state_pt)(ngx_event_t *rev);
typedef ngx_int_t (*ngx_tcp_parse_command_pt)(ngx_tcp_session_t *s);
struct ngx_tcp_protocol_s {
ngx_str_t name;
in_port_t port[4];
ngx_uint_t type;
ngx_tcp_init_session_pt init_session;
ngx_tcp_init_protocol_pt init_protocol;
ngx_tcp_parse_command_pt parse_command;
ngx_tcp_auth_state_pt auth_state;
ngx_str_t internal_server_error;
typedef struct {
ngx_tcp_protocol_t *protocol;
void *(*create_main_conf)(ngx_conf_t *cf);
char *(*init_main_conf)(ngx_conf_t *cf, void *conf);
void *(*create_srv_conf)(ngx_conf_t *cf);
char *(*merge_srv_conf)(ngx_conf_t *cf, void *prev,
void *conf);
} ngx_tcp_module_t;
#define NGX_TCP_MODULE 0x00504354 /* "TCP" */
#define NGX_TCP_MAIN_CONF 0x10000000
#define NGX_TCP_SRV_CONF 0x20000000
#define NGX_TCP_UPS_CONF 0x40000000
#define NGX_TCP_MAIN_CONF_OFFSET offsetof(ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t, main_conf)
#define NGX_TCP_SRV_CONF_OFFSET offsetof(ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t, srv_conf)
#define ngx_tcp_get_module_ctx(s, module) (s)->ctx[module.ctx_index]
#define ngx_tcp_set_ctx(s, c, module) s->ctx[module.ctx_index] = c;
#define ngx_tcp_delete_ctx(s, module) s->ctx[module.ctx_index] = NULL;
#define ngx_tcp_get_module_main_conf(s, module) \
#define ngx_tcp_get_module_srv_conf(s, module) (s)->srv_conf[module.ctx_index]
#define ngx_tcp_conf_get_module_main_conf(cf, module) \
((ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *) cf->ctx)->main_conf[module.ctx_index]
#define ngx_tcp_conf_get_module_srv_conf(cf, module) \
((ngx_tcp_conf_ctx_t *) cf->ctx)->srv_conf[module.ctx_index]
extern ngx_uint_t ngx_tcp_max_module;
extern ngx_module_t ngx_tcp_core_module;
#endif /* _NGX_TCP_H_INCLUDED_ */
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