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La Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga.

It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay in different languages which currently comprise of Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.

The website is implemented from several bits and pieces of open source software and the code of the site itself is open and available from github at


La Liga is built from several bits and pieces including:


  • Client side request to
  • Add tab with photos from
  • Add urlify filter for descriptions
  • Embedded display of videos in RSS feeds
  • XML Sitemap
  • Use label for searches
  • Language choice dropdown with flags
  • Split lang ini into sections for HTML and JS
  • Use autoload for app dir?
  • Add more languages?
  • Write a build script for deployment (ssh)
  • More interesting tools and APIs: Yahoo pipes, topsy

Known Issues