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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This is by far the ugliest Python script I ever wrote
# withoud cities 14954 location string remain unresovled
# with unique city names 6345 (number is not up to date) location string remain unresovled
# with largest city name 4623 location string remain unresovled
# with manually resolved locations 3333 location string remain unresovled
import csv, json, re
from geonamescache import GeonamesCache
from loclists import check_unresolved
unresolved_locations = []
commits_by_countries = {}
countries_by_locstr = {}
gc = GeonamesCache()
countries = gc.get_countries()
countries_by_names = gc.get_countries_by_names()
us_states = gc.get_us_states()
us_states_by_names = gc.get_us_states_by_names()
re_ignore = re.compile(r'[\.\(\)\d-]')
re_ws = re.compile(r'\s{2,}')
def test_locs(locs):
for loc in locs:
loc = loc.strip().lower()
loctitle = loc.title()
locupper = loc.upper()
if loc in countries_by_names:
return loc
elif loctitle in countries_by_names:
return loctitle
elif 2 == len(loc) and locupper in us_states:
return 'United States'
elif loc in us_states_by_names or loctitle in us_states_by_names:
return 'United States'
elif locupper in ['USA', 'US']:
return 'United States'
elif locupper in ['GB', 'UK']:
return 'United Kingdom'
elif locupper in countries:
return countries[locupper]['name']
elif locupper in countries:
return countries[locupper]['name']
for ll in [loc, loctitle]:
cities = gc.get_cities_by_name(ll)
# unique city names
lencities = len(cities)
if 1 == lencities:
return countries[cities[0].values()[0]['countrycode']]['name']
# assume the largest city
elif lencities > 1:
largestcity = sorted([(city['population'], city['countrycode']) for cdict in cities for gid, city in cdict.items()])[-1]
return countries[largestcity[-1]]['name']
def determine_country(locstr, langcnt):
"""Try to determine country from given location string."""
locstr = re.sub(re_ws, ' ', re.sub(re_ignore, ' ', locstr)).strip()
if locstr in countries_by_locstr:
return countries_by_locstr[locstr]
# try different split chars
for sc in [',', '/', '-', ' ', ':', '#', '->']:
country = test_locs(locstr.split(sc))
if country is not None:
countries_by_locstr[locstr] = country
return country
# check manually resolved locations
country = check_unresolved(locstr.lower())
if country is not None:
countries_by_locstr[locstr] = country
return country
unresolved_locations.append('%s, %d' % (locstr, langcnt))
fcsv = open('langcnt_by_loc.csv', 'rb')
reader = csv.reader(fcsv)
headers =
for record in reader:
loc, langcnt, repository_language = record
if loc.startswith('http://'): continue
langcnt = int(langcnt)
country = determine_country(loc, langcnt)
if country is not None:
if country not in commits_by_countries:
commits_by_countries[country] = {'commits': 0}
commits_by_countries[country]['commits'] += langcnt
# calc commit ratio per capita
for c in commits_by_countries:
if c not in countries_by_names:
print '### %s' % c
popcnt = float(countries_by_names[c]['population'])
if popcnt > 0:
by_capita = commits_by_countries[c]['commits'] / popcnt
by_100k = round(by_capita * 100000, 2)
by_capita = 0
by_100k = 0
commits_by_countries[c]['commits_per_capita'] = by_capita
commits_by_countries[c]['commits_per_100k'] = by_100k
# write data to csv
wcsv = open('github_commits_by_country.csv', 'wb')
writer = csv.writer(wcsv, quoting=csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)
writer.writerow(['Country', 'Commit Count', 'Commits per Capita', 'Commits per 100,000 People', 'Population'])
for c in commits_by_countries:
writer.writerow([c, commits_by_countries[c]['commits'], commits_by_countries[c]['commits_per_capita'], commits_by_countries[c]['commits_per_100k'], countries_by_names[c]['population']])
uf = open('unresolved_locations.txt', 'w')
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