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jQuery Twitter Search Plugin


I found many jQuery Twitter Plugins, but most of them already worked with searching and displaying the tweets. In the project that I worked, the layout to display the tweets was specific. So I couldn't use the plugins’ layout.

The main idea of Twitter Search Plugin is only for tweets search. You need to implement the layout to display the tweets

What’s the difference

The available plugins on the internet use an ugly syntax to search

$.twitter.search({from: 'pablocantero', text: 'hello+world', container: 'myDivId'});

Twitter Search Plugin is DSL based

var tweets = new Twitter.tweets();

.and('world') .from('pablocantero) .limit(4) .order('recent') .all(function(data){ alert(“It’s a customized function to display the tweets”); });

The Twitter Search API

This Plugin follows the Twitter Search API documentation

Twitter Search API Method: search apiwiki.twitter.com/w/page/22554756/Twitter-Search-API-Method:-search

Implemented conditions

The actual conditions were implemented on-demand. If you want a new condition, please see “Do you want to improve the jQuery Twitter Plugin”

* conditions([text or hashtag])
* and([text or hashtag])
* or([text or hashtag])
* from([twitter username])
* to([twitter username])
* order([mixed, recent or popular]) - default recent
* limit([0..100]) - default 100
* page([page num]) - default 1


The full example is available on gist.github.com/758666

Import the JavaScript

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://github.com/phstc/jquery-twitter/raw/master/src/jquery.twitter.js"></script>

Create success callback

This plugin is only for tweets search, it does not display the tweets. You need to implement the layout to display the tweets

Customized callback to show the tweets
var tweetsSuccessCallback = function(data){
	var tweetsLi = '';
	for(var i = 0; i < data.results.length; i++){
		var tweet = data.results[i];
		// Calculate how many hours ago was the tweet posted
		// http://www.lupomontero.com/fetching-tweets-with-jquery-and-the-twitter-json-api/
		var dateTweet = new Date(tweet.created_at);
		var dateNow   = new Date();
		var dateDiff  = dateNow - dateTweet;
		var hours     = Math.round(dateDiff/(1000*60*60));
		tweetsLi += '<li> \
		      <dl> \
		              <dt><img src="' + tweet.profile_image_url + '" /></dt> \
		              <dd> \
		                      <span><a href="http://twitter.com/' + tweet.from_user + '">' + tweet.from_user + '</a></span> \
		                      <span>' + hours + ' hours ago</span></dd></dl> \
		      <div>' + tweet.text + '</div> \
	$('#tweets').html('<ul>' + tweetsLi + '</ul>');

Create error callback

Customized callback to display an error message This callback is optional, the default error callback shows an alert(errorMessage)

var tweetsErrorCallback = function(errorMessage, tweet){

var msg = 'Oops! \ <a href=“Twitter”>dev.twitter.com/pages/rate-limiting“>Twitter Rate Limit Exceeded</a>. \ Try again later or search \ <a href=”twitter.com/search?q=' + tweet.toQuery() + '“>directly on Twitter</a>'; $('#tweets').html(msg);


Create a search query

var tweets = Twitter.tweets();
tweets.containing('jquery.twitter').all(tweetsSuccessCallback, tweetsErrorCallback);


To execute the Test suite, just open jquery.twitter-test.html in your browser. The tests were developed with docs.jquery.com/Qunit

Do you want to improve the jQuery Twitter Plugin

You’re welcome to make your contributions and send them as a pull request or just send me a message pablocantero.com/blog/contato/