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API Changes in 2.1.1
* NEW METHOD: document() returns the DOMDocument
* BUG FIX: Issue #10 has been re-fixed to correctly collapse certain empty tags.
* BUG FIX: Issue #10 has been re-fixed to correctly escape JavaScript for browsers.
API Changes in 2.1
All changes are documented in their respective doc blocks. So take a
look at to learn more.
New Functions
* The `htmlqp()` method has been added for parsing icky HTML. Use
this for web scraping.
Altered Functions
* The qp() function now supports the following new options:
- convert_to_encoding
- convert_from_encoding
- strip_low_ascii
- use_parser
New Methods
* attach()/detach()
* has()
* emptyElement()
* even()/odd()
* first()/last()
* firstChild()/lastChild()
* nextUntil()/prevUntil()
* parentsUntil()
* encodeDataURL()
* dataURL()
* filterPreg()
* textBefore()/textAfter()
Altered Methods
* css() has been changed to allow subsequent calls
to modify the style attribute (issue #28)
* attr() has been changed. If it is called with no
arguments, it now returns all attributes.
New CSS Selectors Behavior
* :contains-exactly() performs as :contains() used to perform.
Altered CSS Selectors Behavior
* The star operator (*) is now non-greedy, per spec. Before, the star would match
any descendants. Now it will only match children.
* :contains() now does substring matching instead of exact matching. This conforms
to jQuery's behavior.
* Quotes are now checked carefully before being stripped from pseudo-class values.
* Issue #40 identified a potential infinite looping problem on poorly formed selectors.
This was fixed.