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There are two distributions of QueryPath:
1. The full version, which includes source, documentation, unit tests,
and examples.
2. The minimal version, which includes only the source code in
compacted form.
To install QueryPath-minimal:
- Extract the contents of the archive:
tar -zxvf QueryPath-2.0-minimal.tgz
- Move the extracted directory to the desired location. Generally,
it is best to rename this folder 'QueryPath'.
mv QueryPath-2.0-minimal myproject/QueryPath
(Alternately, you may wish to install QueryPath in a location available on
you PHP library path for use in all applications on your system.)
- Include QueryPath in your scripts:
require 'QueryPath/QueryPath.php';
- The minimal package does not contain any documentation. To view
the documentation online, go to
To install QueryPath:
- Extract the contents of the archive.
tar -zxvf QueryPath-2.0.tgz
- Copy the src/QueryPath directory to the desired location.
cp QueryPath-2.0/src/QueryPath myproject
- Include QueryPath/QueryPath.php in your PHP scripts
require 'QueryPath/QueryPath.php';
The structure of the full version:
/ -- Base information about the library
src/ -- The source (PHP) code. Include the contents of this directory in your
test/ -- Unit tests for QueryPath. You can run these with PHPUnit.
examples/ -- Examples scripts written with QueryPath.
docs/ -- Full API documentation in HTML format. You can regenerate this from
the source using PHPDocumentor.
tutorials/ -- DocBook additions to the QueryPath PHPDocumentor data. An HTML
version of this is included in the docs/ directory. The files here are
probably only useful when re-generating the API documentation.
The complete source code and all utilities for QueryPath are located in a GitHub
repository. If you plan on contributing back to QueryPath, you will be able to
achieve the most by working from the GitHub source. Here's how:
1. Obtain the source code from here:
2. Install PHPDocumentor, PHPUnit, and Phing. XDebug is strongly recommended for
doing coverage analysis. These tools are used to auto-generate
documentation, run unit tests, and manage project builds.
3. Run 'phing info' from the base QueryPath checkout. This will tell you how to
perform various tasks with QueryPath.
For more information, visit