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1. The xhtml() and writeXHTML() methods now correctly escape JS/CSS and also correctly
fold some tags into unaries will keeping other empty tags. See issue #10. Thanks to
Alex Lawrence for his input.
2. The method document() has been added. Thanks to Alex Lawrence for suggesting this
Big Changes:
1. There is now an `htmlqp()` function that parses crufty HTML in a far
more reliable way than `qp()`. Use this instead of any variant of
the older `@qp()` setup.
2. The API has been brought into alignment with jQuery 1.4. See
API-2.1.0 for details.
3. This release was driven substantially by eabrand's GSOC 2010
contributions. Thanks, Emily!
4. There are now Phar and PEAR packages available. Got to for PEAR packages.
5. The minimal QP distribution is no longer minified, as it reportedly
causes XDebug to crash.
7. Data URs are now supported. QueryPath can now embed images directly
into HTML and XML this way.
8. Documentation is now in Doxygen instead of PhpDocumentor. Thanks
to Matt Farina and Kevin O'Brien for their input.