A tool to take Web page screenshots with common browser screen resolutions and save them as PNG files.
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webshots - take Web page screenshots

A utility for taking Web page screenshots with common browser resolutions and saving them as PNG files using PhantomJS. Read more in this brief introduction to webshots.


git clone https://github.com/yaph/webshots.git
ln -s /path/to/webshots/webshots $HOME/bin
ln -s /path/to/webshots/webshots.js $HOME/bin


Create several screenshots at common browser resolutions:

webshots http://example.com

Create one screenshot at given browser resolution:

webshots --width=300 --height=200 http://example.com


  • When pages have the body element background set to transparent it is set to white to reflect how browsers render it.


Written by Ramiro Gómez, licensed under the MIT License.