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Yapily developer resources

Welcome to the Yapily Developer Resources wiki!

The Yapily API enables connections between your application and users' banks.

Getting help

The Yapily developers’ community on Slack is the place to get help with API connectivity, discuss ideas and show off your product. Request an invite to join the Yapily Slack workspace using this form.

You can also email to create a support ticket.

Helpful resources and links

  1. API docs - Discover Yapily API description and endpoints to get started
  2. Developer Dashboard - Manage your integration with Yapily API and Banks here
  3. Institution Configurations - Obtain credentials from financial institutions for your registered applications
  4. Open Banking Guide - To access the 9 CMA mandated Open Banking institutions from the Yapily API there are some requirements
  5. Configure Sandboxes - to configure bank sandboxes in Yapily dashboard
  6. Open Data Guide - to access product data of banks via Yapily API
  7. API Swagger JSON - Download the Swagger JSON specification of Yapily API
  8. Postman Integration - Test Yapily API using Postman
  9. Use the following Software Development Kits(SDKs) and sample code to configure your app quickly
  10. View test user credentials to simulate authentication for sandbox institutions. For use in the Demo and obtaining consent tokens for sandbox institutions in order to make authorised requests for financial data
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