Configuring Sandboxes for Yapily API

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Please find below the configuration guide for creating and managing banking sandboxes. We recommend using our preconfigured sandboxes for ease of use.

Yapily Preconfigured Sandboxes ⭐

  1. Register on Yapily dashboard.
  2. Create your application. (See documentation on getting started)
  3. Add your chosen institution(s) from the preconfigured tab e.g 'Open Banking O3 Sandbox' & save.

You can test your application using one of these options:

  • To test with a simulated application, launch the Simulator from the dashboard.
  • Download the Postman collection from your application screen in the dashboard and import it as a new collection in Postman.

Note: Using the preconfigured sandboxes does not require registration with external entities. Note that for production, you will need to register with on the institution's developer dashboard in order to receive the relevant credentials to configure that institution for your application in the Yapily dashboard.

Configuring sandbox banks with your institution credentials

If you choose to set up your own developer accounts with your chosen financial institutions, please follow the relevant guide for each institution.

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