Institution Configurations

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In order to integrate with user-authorised bank accounts in production, the first step is to connect with your desired institutions as a development entity and get your credentials. You can also connect to bank sandboxes for simulation and testing purposes.

Find details of how to set up credentials with these institutions using these links:

Open Banking Sandboxes

🔒Account Information and 🔒Payment Initiation

Once you have configured with your desired institutions as mentioned above, accessing Account Information and Initiation of payments using Yapily API needs additional configuration of digital certificates to enable Open Banking authorisation flow. Refer to Open Banking Guide for live access.

🌐 Open Data

This scope does not require AISP or PISP enrolment with open banking portal

  • Visit the configuration guide to learn how to access Open Data for this bank.
  • Please note {{institution-id}} for this bank is aib

👇 Visit the doc below to catch up on all things spec or 💬 feel free contact us.

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