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Dart SDK generated against the Yapily API. This SDK can be used to connect to Open Banking entities.
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To access endpoints that require authentication, use your application key and secret created in the Dashboard (

This Dart package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 0.0.159
  • Package version: 0.0.132
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.DartClientCodegen


Dart 1.20.0 or later OR Flutter 0.0.20 or later

Installation & Usage


If this Dart package is published to Github, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

name: yapily_sdk
version: 0.0.132
description: Yapily Dart SDK
      version: 'any'


To use the package in your local drive, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

    path: /path/to/yapily_sdk



Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:yapily_sdk/api.dart';

// TODO Configure HTTP basic authorization: basicAuth
//yapily_sdk.api.Configuration.username = 'YOUR_USERNAME';
//yapily_sdk.api.Configuration.password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD';
// TODO Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: tokenAuth
//yapily_sdk.api.Configuration.accessToken = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN';

var api_instance = new AccountsApi();
var accountId = accountId_example; // String | accountId
var consent = consent_example; // String | Consent Token
var limit = 56; // int | Use this parameter to limit account's direct debit results

try {
    var result = api_instance.getAccountDirectDebitsUsingGET(accountId, consent, limit);
} catch (e) {
    print("Exception when calling AccountsApi->getAccountDirectDebitsUsingGET: $e\n");

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AccountsApi getAccountDirectDebitsUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/direct-debits Get account direct debits
AccountsApi getAccountPeriodicPaymentsUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/periodic-payments Get account payments detail
AccountsApi getAccountScheduledPaymentsUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/scheduled-payments Get account scheduled payments
AccountsApi getAccountUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId} Get account
AccountsApi getAccountsUsingGET GET /accounts Get accounts
AccountsApi initiateAccountRequestUsingPOST POST /account-auth-requests Initiate a new account request for user to authorize
AccountsApi reAuthoriseAccountUsingPATCH PATCH /account-auth-requests Re-authorize account request
ApplicationUsersApi addUserUsingPOST POST /users Add an application user
ApplicationUsersApi deleteUserUsingDELETE DELETE /users/{userUuid} Delete an application user and sub-resources (including consent resources on institution APIs if they exist)
ApplicationUsersApi getDeleteUsersJobUsingGET GET /delete-users/{job-id} Get details of a user deletion job
ApplicationUsersApi getDeleteUsersJobsUsingGET GET /delete-users Get details of all user deletion jobs
ApplicationUsersApi getUserUsingGET GET /users/{userUuid} Get an application user
ApplicationUsersApi getUsersUsingGET GET /users Get application users
ApplicationUsersApi startDeleteUsersJobUsingPOST POST /delete-users Start a job to delete application users by specifying their identifiers
ApplicationsApi getApplicationMeUsingGET GET /me Returns the details of the application that owns the request credentials
ApplicationsApi getJwksUsingGET GET /jwks JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) for authenticated application
ApplicationsApi revokeTokensUsingPOST POST /revoke-tokens Revoke existing access tokens for application, which will also generate a new public key discoverable via /jwks
ConsentsApi addConsentUsingPOST POST /users/{userUuid}/consents Post consent
ConsentsApi createConsentWithCodeUsingPOST POST /consent-auth-code Post auth-code and auth-state
ConsentsApi deleteUsingDELETE DELETE /consents/{consentId} Delete consent
ConsentsApi getConsentByIdUsingGET GET /consents/{consentId} Get consent
ConsentsApi getConsentBySingleAccessConsentUsingPOST POST /consent-one-time-token Post one time token
ConsentsApi getConsentsUsingGET GET /consents Get consents sorted by creation date
ConsentsApi getUserConsentsUsingGET GET /users/{userUuid}/consents Get latest user consents
IdentityApi getIdentityUsingGET GET /identity Get identity
InstitutionsApi getFeatureDetailsUsingGET GET /features Retrieve details for Yapily's institution features
InstitutionsApi getInstitutionUsingGET GET /institutions/{institutionId} Retrieves details of a specific institution available in Yapily
InstitutionsApi getInstitutionsUsingGET GET /institutions Retrieves the list of institutions available in Yapily
InstitutionsOpenDataApi getATMDataUsingGET GET /institutions/{institutionId}/atms Retrieves data about all ATMs of the selected institution
InstitutionsOpenDataApi getPersonalCurrentAccountsUsingGET GET /institutions/{institutionId}/personal-current-accounts Retrieves details of personal current accounts for an institution
OAuthApi oauthToken POST /oauth/token Retrieve Access Token
PaymentsApi createPaymentAuthorisationUsingPOST POST /payment-auth-requests Initiate a payment for user to authorise
PaymentsApi createPaymentAuthorisationWithSortCodeUsingPOST POST /payment-sortcode-auth-requests Initiate a new single payment for user to authorise
PaymentsApi createPaymentUsingPOST POST /payments Create a payment
PaymentsApi createPaymentWithSortCodeUsingPOST POST /payment-sortcode Create a new single payment
PaymentsApi getPaymentStatusUsingGET GET /payments/{paymentId} Get status of a payment
PaymentsApi getPaymentsUsingGET GET /payments/{paymentId}/details Get payments detail
StatementsApi getStatementFileUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/statements/{statementId}/file Get account statement file
StatementsApi getStatementUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/statements/{statementId} Get account statement
StatementsApi getStatementsUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/statements Get account statements
TransactionsApi getTransactionsUsingGET GET /accounts/{accountId}/transactions Get account transactions
TransfersApi transferUsingPUT PUT /accounts/{accountId}/transfer Transfer money from one account to another account accessible with the same consent

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: HTTP basic authentication


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: application
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes: N/A


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