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Javascript SDK compatible with Node JS generated against the Yapily API. This SDK can be used to connect to Open Banking entities.
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Yapily Node.js SDK

GitHub version

This SDK was generated using Swagger Code Generator. The SDK can be used as a module in your code and the examples demonstrate how to connect to financial institutions integrated with Yapily.


To connect to the Yapily API, you will need to register your application at

These application credentials will be used to authorise all your API requests.


The SDK can be installed from npm and can be included in your project by adding it to your dependencies


npm install @yapily/yapily-api


Sample usage of the SDK can be seen in the examples folder. To run any of the examples, follow the steps below:

Configure the application credentials

Go to constants.js and fill in the following credentials. The more complex exmples will require you to define all of these variables and will not work unless they are set.

module.exports = {
    "USER_ID": "{{USER_ID}}",

Choose the example you wish to run

All of the examples can be found in one of the following subdirectories in the examples folder:

  • Accounts
  • Application
  • Consents
  • Institutions
  • Users

You must first install the dependencies for each example in the parents directory by running npm install e.g. to run one of the accounts demos, first run:

cd examples/accounts && npm install

Run the example

Finally, run the example e.g. to run the GetAccountDetailsWithNewConsent.js demo, run:

node GetAccountDetailsWithNewConsent.js

Further information

For more information on how to get connected, visit the Yapily developer resources repo.

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