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A bash shell script wrapper for git-archive that archives a git superproject and its submodules, if it has any.
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Creates an archive for the entire git superproject, and its submodules

Usage --version

Prints the program version number on a line by itself and exits. --usage|--help|-?

Prints this usage output and exits. [--format <fmt>] [--prefix <path>] [--separate|-s] [output_file]

'--format' the archive is created with the named git archiver backend. Obviously, this must be a backend that git archive understands. The format defaults to 'tar' if not specified.

'--prefix' the archive's superproject and all submodules are created with the prefix named. The default is to not use one.

'--separate' or '-s' individual archives will be created for each of the superproject itself and its submodules. The default is to concatenate individual archives into one larger archive.

'output_file' the resulting archive is created as the file named. This parameter is essentially a path that must be writeable. When combined with '--separate' ('-s') this path must refer to a directory. Without this parameter or when combined with '--separate' the resulting archive(s) are named with a dot-separated path of the archived directory and a file extension equal to their format (e.g., 'superdir.submodule1dir.tar').

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