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=item Functions for SCALARs or strings
X<scalar> X<string> X<character>
C<chomp>, C<chop>, C<chr>, C<crypt>, C<hex>, C<index>, C<lc>, C<lcfirst>,
C<length>, C<oct>, C<ord>, C<pack>, C<q//>, C<qq//>, C<reverse>,
C<rindex>, C<sprintf>, C<substr>, C<tr///>, C<uc>, C<ucfirst>, C<y///>
=item Regular expressions and pattern matching
X<regular expression> X<regex> X<regexp>
C<m//>, C<pos>, C<quotemeta>, C<s///>, C<split>, C<study>, C<qr//>
=item Numeric functions
X<numeric> X<number> X<trigonometric> X<trigonometry>
C<abs>, C<atan2>, C<cos>, C<exp>, C<hex>, C<int>, C<log>, C<oct>, C<rand>,
C<sin>, C<sqrt>, C<srand>
=item Functions for real @ARRAYs
C<pop>, C<push>, C<shift>, C<splice>, C<unshift>
=item Functions for list data
C<grep>, C<join>, C<map>, C<qw//>, C<reverse>, C<sort>, C<unpack>
=item Functions for real %HASHes
C<delete>, C<each>, C<exists>, C<keys>, C<values>
=item Input and output functions
X<I/O> X<input> X<output> X<dbm>
C<binmode>, C<close>, C<closedir>, C<dbmclose>, C<dbmopen>, C<die>, C<eof>,
C<fileno>, C<flock>, C<format>, C<getc>, C<print>, C<printf>, C<read>,
C<readdir>, C<rewinddir>, C<say>, C<seek>, C<seekdir>, C<select>, C<syscall>,
C<sysread>, C<sysseek>, C<syswrite>, C<tell>, C<telldir>, C<truncate>,
C<warn>, C<write>
=item Functions for fixed length data or records
C<pack>, C<read>, C<syscall>, C<sysread>, C<syswrite>, C<unpack>, C<vec>
=item Functions for filehandles, files, or directories
X<file> X<filehandle> X<directory> X<pipe> X<link> X<symlink>
C<-I<X>>, C<chdir>, C<chmod>, C<chown>, C<chroot>, C<fcntl>, C<glob>,
C<ioctl>, C<link>, C<lstat>, C<mkdir>, C<open>, C<opendir>,
C<readlink>, C<rename>, C<rmdir>, C<stat>, C<symlink>, C<sysopen>,
C<umask>, C<unlink>, C<utime>
=item Keywords related to the control flow of your Perl program
X<control flow>
C<caller>, C<continue>, C<die>, C<do>, C<dump>, C<eval>, C<exit>,
C<goto>, C<last>, C<next>, C<redo>, C<return>, C<sub>, C<wantarray>
=item Keywords related to switch
(switch に関連するキーワード)
C<break>, C<continue>, C<given>, C<when>, C<default>
=begin original
(These are available only if you enable the C<"switch"> feature.
See L<feature> and L<perlsyn/"Switch statements">.)
=end original
(これらは C<"switch"> 機能が有効の場合にのみ利用可能です。
L<feature> と L<perlsyn/"Switch statements"> を参照してください。)
=item Keywords related to scoping
C<caller>, C<import>, C<local>, C<my>, C<our>, C<state>, C<package>,
=begin original
(C<state> is available only if the C<"state"> feature is enabled. See
=end original
(C<state> は C<"state"> 機能が有効の場合にのみ利用可能です。
L<feature> を参照してください。)
=item Miscellaneous functions
C<defined>, C<dump>, C<eval>, C<formline>, C<local>, C<my>, C<our>,
C<reset>, C<scalar>, C<state>, C<undef>, C<wantarray>
=item Functions for processes and process groups
X<process> X<pid> X<process id>
C<alarm>, C<exec>, C<fork>, C<getpgrp>, C<getppid>, C<getpriority>, C<kill>,
C<pipe>, C<qx//>, C<setpgrp>, C<setpriority>, C<sleep>, C<system>,
C<times>, C<wait>, C<waitpid>
=item Keywords related to Perl modules
(Perl モジュールに関するキーワード)
C<do>, C<import>, C<no>, C<package>, C<require>, C<use>
=item Keywords related to classes and object-orientation
X<object> X<class> X<package>
C<bless>, C<dbmclose>, C<dbmopen>, C<package>, C<ref>, C<tie>, C<tied>,
C<untie>, C<use>
=item Low-level socket functions
X<socket> X<sock>
C<accept>, C<bind>, C<connect>, C<getpeername>, C<getsockname>,
C<getsockopt>, C<listen>, C<recv>, C<send>, C<setsockopt>, C<shutdown>,
C<socket>, C<socketpair>
=item System V interprocess communication functions
X<IPC> X<System V> X<semaphore> X<shared memory> X<memory> X<message>
(System V プロセス間通信関数)
C<msgctl>, C<msgget>, C<msgrcv>, C<msgsnd>, C<semctl>, C<semget>, C<semop>,
C<shmctl>, C<shmget>, C<shmread>, C<shmwrite>
=item Fetching user and group info
X<user> X<group> X<password> X<uid> X<gid> X<passwd> X</etc/passwd>
C<endgrent>, C<endhostent>, C<endnetent>, C<endpwent>, C<getgrent>,
C<getgrgid>, C<getgrnam>, C<getlogin>, C<getpwent>, C<getpwnam>,
C<getpwuid>, C<setgrent>, C<setpwent>
=item Fetching network info
X<network> X<protocol> X<host> X<hostname> X<IP> X<address> X<service>
C<endprotoent>, C<endservent>, C<gethostbyaddr>, C<gethostbyname>,
C<gethostent>, C<getnetbyaddr>, C<getnetbyname>, C<getnetent>,
C<getprotobyname>, C<getprotobynumber>, C<getprotoent>,
C<getservbyname>, C<getservbyport>, C<getservent>, C<sethostent>,
C<setnetent>, C<setprotoent>, C<setservent>
=item Time-related functions
X<time> X<date>
C<gmtime>, C<localtime>, C<time>, C<times>
=item Functions new in perl5
(perl5 で新設された関数)
C<abs>, C<bless>, C<break>, C<chomp>, C<chr>, C<continue>, C<default>,
C<exists>, C<formline>, C<given>, C<glob>, C<import>, C<lc>, C<lcfirst>,
C<lock>, C<map>, C<my>, C<no>, C<our>, C<prototype>, C<qr//>, C<qw//>, C<qx//>,
C<readline>, C<readpipe>, C<ref>, C<sub>*, C<sysopen>, C<tie>, C<tied>, C<uc>,
C<ucfirst>, C<untie>, C<use>, C<when>
=begin original
* C<sub> was a keyword in Perl 4, but in Perl 5 it is an
operator, which can be used in expressions.
=end original
* - C<sub> は Perl4 ではキーワードですが、Perl5 では演算子なので、
=item Functions obsoleted in perl5
(perl5 では古いものとなった関数)
C<dbmclose>, C<dbmopen>
=head2 Portability
X<portability> X<Unix> X<portable>
=begin original
Perl was born in Unix and can therefore access all common Unix
system calls. In non-Unix environments, the functionality of some
Unix system calls may not be available, or details of the available
functionality may differ slightly. The Perl functions affected
by this are:
=end original
Perl は Unix 環境で生まれたので、全ての共通する Unix システムコールに
アクセスします。非 Unix 環境では、いくつかの Unix システムコールの
これによる影響を受ける Perl 関数は以下のものです:
C<-X>, C<binmode>, C<chmod>, C<chown>, C<chroot>, C<crypt>,
C<dbmclose>, C<dbmopen>, C<dump>, C<endgrent>, C<endhostent>,
C<endnetent>, C<endprotoent>, C<endpwent>, C<endservent>, C<exec>,
C<fcntl>, C<flock>, C<fork>, C<getgrent>, C<getgrgid>, C<gethostbyname>,
C<gethostent>, C<getlogin>, C<getnetbyaddr>, C<getnetbyname>, C<getnetent>,
C<getppid>, C<getpgrp>, C<getpriority>, C<getprotobynumber>,
C<getprotoent>, C<getpwent>, C<getpwnam>, C<getpwuid>,
C<getservbyport>, C<getservent>, C<getsockopt>, C<glob>, C<ioctl>,
C<kill>, C<link>, C<lstat>, C<msgctl>, C<msgget>, C<msgrcv>,
C<msgsnd>, C<open>, C<pipe>, C<readlink>, C<rename>, C<select>, C<semctl>,
C<semget>, C<semop>, C<setgrent>, C<sethostent>, C<setnetent>,
C<setpgrp>, C<setpriority>, C<setprotoent>, C<setpwent>,
C<setservent>, C<setsockopt>, C<shmctl>, C<shmget>, C<shmread>,
C<shmwrite>, C<socket>, C<socketpair>,
C<stat>, C<symlink>, C<syscall>, C<sysopen>, C<system>,
C<times>, C<truncate>, C<umask>, C<unlink>,
C<utime>, C<wait>, C<waitpid>
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