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Revision history for Perl extension Module::Setup
0.09 2010-02-09T13:57:09+09:00
- depended Module::Collect 0.06
- added to documents
0.08 2010-02-08T14:24:55+09:00
- Core
added LWP::UserAgent dependency (RT #53093) (charsbar)
- Core for performance
Chache stringify in ::Path::Dir and ::Path::File (gfx)
s/Path::Class::/Module::Setup::/ (gfx)
- Tests
chdir to HOME at the end of the test program to avoid rmdir warnings (gfx)
fixed to dosen't work for Win32 (charsbar)
0.07 2009-12-19T20:22:02+09:00
- added Flavor::GitHub
- added Flavor::XS
- Flavor::Default
use Module::Install::Repository on Makefile.PL
remove Test::Base dependency
chomp empty line on
- Flavor::CatalystStarter
fiexd script/ bug
- Core
added Helper support
added shell method
fixed module-setup usage
fixed documentation for Module/
0.06_01 2008-10-27T11:14:39+09:00
- Add --devel option
$ module-setup --devel New::Flavor
$ cd New-Flavor
.. edit ..
$ module-setup --devel --test
$ module-setup --devel --pack > New/
$ module-setup --devel --pack --executable >
- Add --executable option
$ module-setup --pack --executable Foo flavor >
$ perl ./ New::Dist
- Add Flavor::CatalystStarter
- Add Flavor::PBP
- Add Flavor::SelectVC (version control system selector)
- Add Module::Setup::Test::Utils and Module::Setup::Test::Flavor
- add flavor template macros
distribute, module_unix_path
- fixed to safe module_path
- changed use flavor instance
0.06 2008-10-22T23:02:34+09:00
- add Plugin::VC::SVK
- remove VC::SVN in Flavor::Default config
However, version control system was selected in Flavor::Default
0.05 2008-10-22T19:16:50+09:00
- additional template support
- binary file support
- fixed plugin (required use base 'M::P::Plugin' and config uses hash reference)
- fixed broken when there is not MODULE_SETUP_DIR
0.04 2008-10-17T20:28:25+09:00
- add --flavor and --flavor-class options alias of --flavour and --flavour-class options in module-setup command
- add too many tests
- fixed default MODULE_SETUP dir is broken (hidek++)
- fixed plugin config is broken
- current directory returns to the original directory on run method
0.03_03 2008-10-16T22:06:19+09:00
- add empty directory support on flavor
- portably perform operations on flavor
- pod fix
0.03_02 2008-10-14T12:29:43+09:00
- add dependence File::HomeDir
0.03_01 2008-10-10T20:29:36+09:00
- add module_setup_dir option
- add t/020_run/direct.t and t/020_run/pack.t
- Change to built-in api
- too many refactoring
0.03 2008-10-07T20:01:05+09:00
- add flavor select option (core)
- add dependence to Module::Install::AuthorTests for Flavor::Default franck++
- add tests
- fixed spell test in Flavor::Default
- fixed Makefile.PL is ignored in .gitignore (Plugin::VC::Git)
0.02 2008-10-02T11:34:28+09:00
- 0.01 is broken code
dependence Module::Collect 0.04
- pod fix
- add plugin trigger point
0.01 2008-10-01T23:46:50+09:00
- original version