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# hig.rb

this scripts need net-irc ( http://svn.coderepos.org/share/lang/ruby/net-irc )

## Launch

	$ ruby hig.rb

If you want to help:

	$ ruby hig.rb --help

## Configuration

Options specified by after irc realname.

Configuration example for Tiarra ( http://coderepos.org/share/wiki/Tiarra ).

	wassr {
		host: localhost
		port: 16672
		name: hatena-id
		in-encoding: utf8
		out-encoding: utf8

### athack

If `athack` client option specified,
all nick in join message is leading with @.

So if you complemente nicks (e.g. Irssi),
it's good for Twitter like reply command (@nick).

In this case, you will see torrent of join messages after connected,
because NAMES list can't send @ leading nick (it interpreted op.)

### ratio=<timeline>:<friends>:<channel>

## License


base code by cho45 (wig.rb)