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CREDITS FOR WWW::Shorten 1.88
Dave Cross for WWW::MakeAShorterLink
Alex Page for the original LWP hacking on which Dave based his code.
Simon Batistoni for giving the makealongerlink idea to Dave.
Eric Hammond for writing the NotLong variant.
Shashank Tripathi <> for providing both and
advice on the module.
Kevin Gilbertson (Gilby) supplied information on the TinyURL API.
Matt Felsen (mattf) wanted shorter function names.
Ask Bjoern Hansen for providing both and advice on the
Martin Thurn for helping me notice a bug and for a suggestion regarding
Jon and William (jon and wjr at respectively) for providing
P J Goodwin for providing the code for WWW::Shorten::OneShortLink.
And especial thanks to all providers of these services.