Doctrine2 PHP RESTful driver for OrientDB graph database.
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Doctrine2 RESTful-driver for OrientDB

System requirements

Install orientDB v.1.7 from branch develop. Last cheked this version on:

commit 4f3aba5faa6a404367aea41e3fbab3dbe7c06da4
Author: enisher <>
Date:   Thu May 15 23:33:51 2014 +0300

To work with database, you must perform actions described below.

Start the database (complete path):

$ /var/www/orientDB/bin/

if you receive an error:

java: command not found

install java, example java 1.7.0_45. You can confirm the version command:

$ java -version


  1. In file /app/config/config.yml replace string:

    driver: %database_driver%

on this string:

driver_class:   OrientDB\Driver
  1. Change you settings for connect to database in file:


for example default settings:

    database_driver: pdo_mysql
    database_host: localhost
    database_port: 2480
    database_name: GratefulDeadConcerts
    database_user: admin
    database_password: admin
    mailer_transport: smtp
    mailer_user: null
    mailer_password: null
    locale: en
    secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
  1. Add following code into your composer.json
      "require": {
          "yapro/doctrine2-orientdb-restful-driver": "dev-master"

and run command:

$ composer update yapro/doctrine2-orientdb-restful-driver --prefer-source

All ready.

How use it

  1. Create you entities classes (php files) with PHPDoc annotations for field rid, example:
 * @ORM\Id
 * @ORM\Column(type="bigint", name="@rid")
 * @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="IDENTITY")
private $rid = 0;
  1. Run console command for create/update you entities:

    $ php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

If you delete entity class, this command not delete class(table) in OrientDB. If you need this action, please delete class(table) in OrientDB with command:

orientdb {YouDatabase}> drop class YouEntityName


You can check you fix (or features) with next command:

$ bin/phpunit -c app vendor/yapro/doctrine2-orientdb-restful-driver/Tests/Crud.php --env=dev


You Entity Schemas, Doctrine getting and compare in \Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::getUpdateSchemaSql

$fromSchema - schemas from you database

$toSchema - schemas from you classes

If there is a desire to practice with queries, connect the console client to the database:

$ /var/www/orientDB/bin/

orientdb> connect remote:localhost root You_password ( from file config/orientdb-server-config.xml )

If you are in console client and created class(table) in OrientDB with RESTful driver, you may need to see this update in orientDB console. For this action, please run:

orientdb {YouDatabase}> reload schema

and than:

orientdb {YouDatabase}> info