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What is YapDatabase Feature overview
Why did we create YapDatabase Yet another database? How come?


Hello World A "Hello World" introduction to YapDatabase.
Storing Objects What kinds of objects does YapDatabase support?
Collections Understanding collections.
Cache Configuring the built-in cache.
Metadata Understanding metadata support.
Performance Primer Understanding the basics to avoid commit pitfalls, and to achieve great performance.


LongLivedReadTransactions Simplifying database access on the main thread.
YapDatabaseModifiedNotification Simplifying updates to your user interface.
Thread Safety How to not shoot yourself in the foot.
Performance Pro Take your game to the next level.
Frequently Asked Questions The standard FAQ page that grows with time.


Extensions An overview of extensions in YapDatabase.
Views Sort, Group & Filter your data. Perfect for tableViews, collectionViews, and more.
Secondary Indexes Optimize your queries and find your item(s) faster.
R Tree Index Fast Geospatial Queries
Full Text Search Blazing fast search using SQLite's FTS module.
Relationships Create relationships between objects, and configure automatic deletion rules.
FilteredViews Quickly filter an existing view, and create view chains.
CloudKit Easily add CloudKit syncing to your app.
CloudCore Sync using any cloud backend.
Multiprocess Support Share a database with an iOS App Extension.


Object Policy Reducing disk IO and memory consumption.
Encryption Easy whole-database encryption with SQLCipher and more.
Architecture A deep dive into the underlying architecture of YapDatabase.
Custom Extensions How to write your own custom extensions.


Looking for version history? See the Changelog.

Still got questions? Try the YapDatabase Mailing List.

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